Building Innovations at Epique Custom Home Builders

EPIQUE Homes has a great support system and team in place to help make building your dream home an enjoyable experience.

Here is what sets us apart:

Sustainable Materials Epique Homes Custom Home Builders West Michigan

We are committed to build each home to the highest standard of energy efficiency. Each of our homes receive an energy certification through a third-party verification. What does this mean to you? Energy savings along with comfort. Epique Homes believes we are to be good stewards of our planet. We are proud to use sustainable products in our home building practice.

Superior Craftsmanship Epique Homes Custom Home Builders West Michigan

We’re proud of the homes we build, come see why our “Core” quality sets us apart. We have been blessed to build for many repeat customers!  This is because of the details we put into the things you can’t always see. This is also achieved by using proven products, suppliers & trade partners.

Innovative design Epique Homes Custom Home Builders West Michigan

We have earned the reputation for fresh, practical and efficient designs. We help design homes around the way we live verses the way we were taught to live. There is just something different about an Epique Home! We have many of our own popular designs or we can begin from scratch and help you create your very own dream home! We work hard to ensure that you feel informed in all your design decisions along the way. This helps make the process efficient and enjoyable.

Behind the walls Epique Homes Custom Home Builders West Michigan

We pride ourselves on having more than great home designs and amazing quality. We believe that for you to truly love the experience of building, you must have a great team who communicates effectively throughout the building process.  We do this in several ways. One being a website just for you.  On this website you will be able to see the daily schedule for your job, all the documents that might be helpful when making decisions and your total if there are any changes or upgrades, so you will never be surprised by the cost.